Barbara McNair ~ Rare Singles ~ Through The Years

December 14, 2014
John Thomas
Barbara McNair
TECaid Recording Studios Co, Inc.
Producer: John Thomas
Number of discs: 1

Barbara McNair’s – Rare Singles through the years is a look at Barbara’s different styles of singing all wrapped up in one CD. Showcasing her early years when she recorded under labels such as Coral, Warner Bros, Roulette, KC and TEC. Most of these recordings were only released on 45’s which make this an essential part of Barbara McNair’s Discography. This CD also includes a new version of “Your Gonna Love My Baby” with Barbara’s “A capella” Voice as solo, 3 tracks of her voice as Backup, and her Talk Version of the song finished off with a more modern affect giving it a Dance Floor Theme on the end which she recorded at TECI Recording Studios in 2006 in Chicago while recording with her Nephew. You will also find rare songs such as Northern Motown’s “For Once in My Life” (Stevie Wonder Style), and the All Famous “He’s A King”. We hope you enjoy this Special Edition of Barbara McNair’s Rare Singles – Through The Years.

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