Barbara McNair ~ More Today Than Yesterday

May 18, 2012
John Thomas
Barbara McNair
TECaid Recording Studios Co, Inc.
Producer: John Thomas
Number of discs: 1

On this CD Barbara has chosen to sing ten outstanding songs representing such brilliant and diverse songwriters as Jimmy Webb, Bobby Scott, Buffy Sainte-Marie and Burt Bacharach. These songs cover a wide range of statement, tempo and mood and give Barbara the opportunity to employ and express all of her extraordinary skills. Listen for example, to “Love Has A Way” (The Love Theme from the Motion Picture “Goodbye Columbus”). Jimmy Webb’s “Didn’t We, Bobby Scott’s “After St. Francis”, the title song “More Today Than Yesterday” or “I, Capricorn” for demonstration of a truly profound and powerful talent. Barbara receives assistance from a chorus and the immeasurable artistry of Coleridge Taylor Perkinson who conducted the date, arranged all the songs and wrote “I Can Tell.” Coleridge is a masterful arranger whose charts are not only vital and buoyant on their own terms but designed with the particular and specific qualities of Miss McNair’s unique style very much in mind. The caliber of the songs, the very musical quality of Perkinson’s arrangements and the density of Barbara McNair’s high talent makes this the kind of record that bears repeated hearings. You will, each time you listen, get new things from it – enjoy it “More Today Than Yesterday.”

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